Basic website

Basic website is a virtual business card of the company. The main purpose of such website is a short, compact and fast providing users with necessary information.

As usual, companies choose the basic website when they are creating their own internet site for the first time. Creating of basic website requires minimal financial deposits which will be withdrawn, when your website has just a few visitors.

The main features of such website is a stylish good remembered design, small quantity of information and convenient navigation. Despite small sizes, basic websites are no less effective than other kinds of websites. It is easy in using and does not require big financial investments.

The standard content of basic website:
- Description of company's activity
- General information about the products and services
- News
- Price list
- Examples of documents: agreements, licenses, diplomas, rewards.
- Contact information: phone numbers, addresses, driving directions.

Advantages of basic website: low expenditures for creation and support, short terms of project delivery.

Benefits of basic website for visitors: the concrete information about the advantages of cooperation with your company, easiness of navigation, minimal time for investigation the materials.


You can see the example of basic website in Portfolio section.